Sunday, November 2, 2008

Trying something new when it comes to sex.

When do you ask your partner to try something new, something you’ve been wanting to do for a while, or something you liked doing with an old flame, and want to do it with your new honey, but you’re not quit sure how to bring it up.

I know all those professionals say bring it up casually.

I think the more comfortable you are with your partner, the more open you are, the easier it is.

I love it when my honey tells me, “Oh I like that babe.” *wiggling eyebrows*, yeah *giggles* and I liked doing it, hehe.

Communication is the big rule in my book, and after I learned how to “voice” what I like, I became a whole new me. So now in my mid-thirties, I’m not afraid to ask for something, or ‘honey can we try this’, 99% of the time I’m offered up a yes, or that sounds interesting.

I mean we were talking about fantasies this morning. Yes, Okay, that’s why this chick is a bit late putting up the blog, LOL. See I was doing research, and the honey was helping. Any who… fantasies…having the feeling of more than one in the bedroom is doable, and you don’t have to have an extra body there, there are so many toys out there now, that can ‘simulate’ shall we say, the extra piece(s) wanted, that some fantasies can be achieved with just the two of you.

Okay, but if you’re in a long time relationship or marriage, are you shy about asking your mate to try something new? Would or have you brought up fantasies while laying there in bed or driving in the car?

All people are different (thank the creator) but is it hard for you, to bring up something new to your mate?

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