Monday, June 2, 2008

Promotions and Organization

I'm wondering about how authors promote today. Of course we are posting like crazy to all the different yahoo groups, but is there something different you do to develop a readership? If so, I'd love to hear about it.

Promoting is very time consuming as we all know. The vast majority of us have MySpace pages and use those as much as possible of course. Then there is Facebook and Yuku as well. I'm on both of those, but must admit I don't really have the time to keep those sites updated.

What about blogging? I tend to believe that blogging is the most important tool in marketing our books. People do read your blogs-- if you get the word out about them that is. I personally had seven blogs I contributed to. I've cut back. Had to. The problem with blogging is that we seem to talk about the same subjects over and over. You need to be a bit creative in my opinion. No one wants to read an excerpt every single time they visit your blog. Chances are they've already seen it on a group and that's where they found out about your blog. I try to have conversations with people. Just act as though we were sitting around a table in a restaurant or in the kitchen at home and having a chat.

I probably push the envelope a bit more than some too. For instance, I share a blog with Jade Twilight. Sensual Secrets.
It's an erotic blog. Some would say a sex blog. All I know is that we get tons of hits. What do we discuss? All things sex. How tos, experiences, fantasies, etc. Jade and I switch off weeks and this is my week to post. So I'm having "random thoughts week". I posted this morning about sex and Presidential politics. It's a fun way to get your thoughts out there and discover new readers as well.

But let's face it, no matter what we do to promote, we have to be incredibly organized. And I'm not very organized. No matter what I schedule, something happens to change it. Everything from kid emergencies to mood swings. lol So what do you do to stay organized. I'd love to hear about your tips on organization and on promotions too.

Paige Tyler will be here tomorrow with more hawt hawt hunks. Can't wait to see this one. I'll be back next Monday.

Blowing Kisses,


Kissa Starling said...

Here's my tip of the day. Every time someone sends me a friend request I invite them to join my yahoo group. A lot of them take me up on it!


Tess MacKall said...

That's a very good tip, Kissa. Good for you! I think I'll try that.


Lynnsplanet said...

I try to post different things on my blog then I do on my myspace blog. Sometimes I get lazy and feel guilty about it.

When I post excerpts and promos - I try to be creative while honest. I figure readers who frequent several of groups read what shows and only open to read if you've interested them. So, the first two or three sentences of your posts need to be well thought out. Friendly, inviting and like you said, Paige, personal. Talk to them, not at them.

It's time consuming, but I've seen the difference of what happens to movement of A Psychic Hitch when I change up the posts versus copying and pasting the same thing in all 40 or so groups I belong to.

And it's important to hang around and get to know people. Check back to see if there are comments to your posts - you never want to ignore them.

Show up for chats your publisher has scheduled for their authors. Even if it's to post and explain why you can't stay.

In my line of work, customer perception is of major importance.

We also live by the saying 'there is no 'I' in teamwork.

Lynnsplanet said...

Sorry Tess, I was just looking at Paiges eye candy and she's on the brain. Where does she find them?

Me bad - I may need punished. lol

Janice said...

I'm a long time blogger, and I post about stuff that happens to my life.

I joined Romance Divas a couple of months ago and have been participating on Thursdays thirteen, and we visit each others blog.

I also do Feline Fridays too. It helps to have a routine.