Sunday, September 28, 2014

Well I'm back Online AGAIN...

That's right ... sigh ... after an exhausting week without internet (due to the thing-a-ma-jingy being totally blown in the green box), schedule changes at the day job and having to go in this morning as well, things are finally looking up ...
I Have Internet!! 


If it wasn't for being able to pre-post and set the posting date my Fun Drink Friday would never have gone up. I'm telling you, hopefully this does it and we have no more internet blackouts.

So, it's Fall (finally) you wouldn't know that today sitting om my side of Florida. Muggy, Humid and overcast. BOOOO.
Come on cooler weather!!

Here's my Fun Drink Friday from Friday to share.
Nothing like a cider drink to welcome the Autumn season

Hard Cider Sangria
© Christina Holmes

Instead of wine, this juicy sangria is made with hard cider spiked with lemon juice and apple brandy.

This looked like the perfect first drink to the Fall season.

Hard Cider Sangria


  1. 1 cup quartered and thinly sliced unpeeled green, yellow and red apples
  2. 1 navel orange—quartered and thinly sliced crosswise
  3. 1 cup apple juice, chilled
  4. 2 tablespoons fresh lemon juice
  5. 1/4 cup apple brandy
  6. One 22-ounce bottle hard apple cider, chilled
  7. Ice
  1. In a pitcher, combine the apples with the orange, apple juice, lemon juice and brandy. Just before serving, add the hard cider. Serve in tall glasses over ice.
LINK - Food & Wine

Enjoy and have a wonderful Sunday!!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Available for PRE-ORDER - SOMETHING ABOUT A MAN IN UNIFORM - Military Menage Boxed Set!

So excited! SOMETHING ABOUT A MAN IN UNIFORM, My Military Menage Boxed Set is Now Available for Pre-Order at Amazon!  Get it today at this special price because it goes up after release day (Nov 11th)!

These four HOT books are all about girl meets hot guys in uniform and immediately falls in lust. And the Marine and Navy Menage Stories are interracial, my first in the subgenre!

So, get ready for smokin' hot sex scenes, erotic spanking and light bondage.



Knowing she and her husband Dylan won't be able to make love with his Army buddy, fellow Ranger Carter Erickson arriving the next day and staying with them for two weeks, Shelby Reynolds surprises Dylan by greeting him at the door naked when he comes home from work. Only Dylan isn’t alone. Carter came in a day early and gets an eyeful of her very nude body. While Shelby is embarrassed, she’s also extremely aroused. She loves Dylan like crazy and shouldn’t be fantasizing about other men, especially his best friend. As Shelby gives in to her inner exhibitionist, it turns out that Dylan is just as turned on by the idea of a threesome as she is. After all, if a guy can’t share his wife with his best friend, who can he share her with?

SEMPER FINE – a Marine Ménage 

Delaney Shaw is stunned to discover that her high school crush Colt Baxter is the best man at a wedding where she’s the maid of honor. Too shy to ever come on to him back then, she doesn’t intend to make the same mistake now. There’s only one problem. She’s just as attracted to his friend and fellow Marine, Jagger Cruz. Not wanting to come between them, Delaney decides not to make a play for either one. But when it turns out that in between them is exactly where Colt and Jagger want her, she gives in to her desire to be the center of a hunky Marine sandwich.

FLEET WEEK FLING – a Navy Ménage

When Sophie Montgomery promises her best friend she’ll be her “wingwoman” during Fleet Week in San Francisco, she doesn’t have any plans on hooking up with anyone herself. But when she meets Navy hunks Cameron Gerard and Kellen Devane, her resolve crumbles. Not only do they look hotter in their uniforms than Alexander Skarsgard in Battleship, but they’re sweet, too. So, when they suggest a threesome with a little bondage thrown in, how can she possibly say no?

RESCUE ME – an Air Force Ménage 

When Kayleigh Ellis gets stranded in a ditch on the side of the road during a storm, she’s sure that she and her cat are in deep trouble. But luckily Air Force Pararescue Jumpers Austin Fuller and Kyle Larsen show up just in time, giving her and her cat a ride home. Wanting to thank them for their help, Kayleigh invites them to stay for dinner. Austin and Kyle don’t want to put her to any trouble, but she insists. And while the dinner is fun, Austin and Kyle are more interested in dessert, particularly if Kayleigh is on the menu.

Pre-Order at Amazon!


Hunky Heroes, Kickbutt Heroines, Unforgettable Romance!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Re-Release of EROTIC EXPOSURE at a New LOWER Price of 99 Cents!

I got the rights back from the publisher for my sexy story, EROTIC EXPOSURE, and am re-releasing it at a new LOWER price of $0.99

Life Imitates Art

Liz Bellamy agrees to pose for a provocative calendar to help raise money for the animal shelter where she volunteers. Although it’s for a good cause, she’s a little shy about posing half naked.

When Liz arrives at the photography studio, she discovers hot photographer Kent Draper. She almost chickens out, but ends up having not only one heck of a sexy photo shoot, but discovering that being half naked in front of a hunky photographer and his camera is one hell of a turn-on. And when a girl gets that aroused, a little shyness isn’t going to keep her from getting what she wants.


Kent dropped to one knee in front of her, camera at the ready. “Okay, now that Godiva’s out of the room, show me your best sultry look.” 

Liz wasn’t exactly sure she knew how to do sultry, but she decided to give it her best shot. Putting her hands on the floor in front of her, she leaned forward to flash him a little more cleavage and gazed at him from beneath lowered lashes. 

He immediately began snapping pictures. “Oh yeah, that’s what I’m talking about. Work it.” 

She giggled at the words, unable to help herself. 

He came out from behind the camera to give her a curious look. “Why’d you stop? That was perfect.” 

“I’m not so sure sultry is a good look for me,” she told him. 

“I beg to differ. And so does the camera. But if you don’t believe me, do the same thing and this time check yourself out on the monitor.” 

Hoping she didn’t look as silly as she felt, Liz struck the same pose, then glanced at the monitor after he’d snapped the picture. What she saw made her do a double take. With her full lips parted, her blue eyes half hidden underneath a thick fringe of dark lashes, and the tops of her lace-covered breasts peeking out enticingly from her silk robe, not only didn’t she look silly, she looked like the very definition of sultry. That thought sent another current of excitement shooting through her pussy. 

“Beautiful,” Kent said. “Now let your robe slip off your shoulders a little for me.” 

Liz did as he asked, waited for him to take a picture, then impulsively lifted her hair up with her free hand and blew him an air kiss over her bare shoulder. 

He chuckled. “That’s it. Show me some more. Have fun with it.” 

She dropped her hand, letting her hair fall down her back as she shifted positions. Lying over on her hip, she leaned forward to give him a sexy come-hither look. As she did, the robe slid down to her elbows, completely exposing her lace-trimmed bra to the camera and the man behind it. Kent’s low groan of approval was all the encouragement she needed to keep going. Rolling onto her back, she propped herself up on her elbows and lifted one bare leg high in the air. 

“Hold that pose,” Kent said as he snapped more pictures. “Very nice.” 

Forgetting all about her earlier comment to Godiva about not showing anything more than some leg and a little bit of shoulder, Liz found her hands going to the belt of her robe. But then she hesitated. Did she dare? The bra and matching panties she was wearing might be on the skimpy side, but they weren’t much different than a bikini, and she did that on a regular basis. Besides, posing for some racy pictures was pretty dang fun. Like her own personal glamour shoot. 
Lips curving into a naughty smile, Liz slowly untied the belt and let the robe fall away to give Kent and his expensive high-tech digital camera a good, long look at her scantily clad body. From his sharp intake of breath, she had the feeling he liked what he saw.

Rolling onto her side to face him, she braced herself on her elbow and drew her top leg up. As Kent captured the pose with his camera, she glanced over at the monitor and was pleased to see how hot she looked. While she’d always been fairly confident about her body, seeing herself like this made her feel even sexier. She’d recommend this to any girl looking to improve her self-image. Catching her lower lip between her teeth, she turned her attention back to Kent and gave him a provocative look. 

“Oh yeah, that’s it,” he said. “Make love to the camera.” 

Liz hadn’t thought of what she was doing as making love to the camera, but the words made her pussy quiver even more between her legs. She wondered if it was the idea of posing like a centerfold model she found arousing, or whether it was doing it in front of a guy as smokin’ as Kent. As she sat up, she decided it was a little of both. 



Hunky Heroes, Kickbutt Heroines, Unforgettable Romance!

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Puppy Kisses

Displaying 20140907_095150.jpg

This is Elvis and he loves to give puppy kisses all day long. 
What's better than being puppy kissed awake LOL.

I asked Elvis this morning, what should mommy blog about and he turned from his perch on the back of the sofa to lick my nose. LOL.
Displaying 20140814_124506.jpg
 I, in turn said, oh you want me to blog about puppy kisses LOL, so that's how the blog came to be this morning.

Elvis is one of my fur babies and is three years old.
He's a full blood long haired red Dachshund. 

  He loves looking for little lizards to chase and squirrels to tree.
As well as burrowing under the covers. So we always have a throw on the sofa for him (and mommy to stick her feet under). 
He's also a nose licker.

All Photos are owned and copyrighted to: C.A. Salo